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ABG launches Vectra AutoSet turret rewinder

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ABG has announced the launch of the new Vectra AutoSet, the latest addition to its Vectra family of turret rewinders that includes the well known Vectra ECTR and HDTR models. The launch marks a significant milestone of 30 years of Vectra production and the successful installation of over 2500 units.


The Vectra AutoSet, which was initially demonstrated at Labelexpo Europe 2023, stands out with its AutoSet cutting mechanism, enabling a fully automated set up that integrates the latest in label applicator technology. A notable feature is the optional inclusion of the fleyeVision camera system and ABG Connect ­– offering complete 100% inspection with full automation and connection to an MIS system, all within a non stop process. This integration is crucial, as it forms a key component of the company’s automation infrastructure, enhancing productivity and reducing the need for extensive operator skill and time.


Additionally, the Vectra AutoSet boasts advanced stock keeping unit label printing capabilities and introduces a new glue application method. This method utilises heat exchange technology to extend the open time of the glue, offering greater control and the option to switch between a spiral and glue stripe for narrow cores.


The design of the Vectra AutoSet ensures easy mechanical integration with the Digicon Series 3 and Converter, as well as third party presses, providing flexibility for different operational needs. Furthermore, it is available with or without a glue option, catering to a wide range of industry requirements.


Mark Norman, technical director, said: ‘We are excited to launch the new Vectra AutoSet. The Vectra range has been instrumental in driving efficiencies for our customers for many years. This new model not only consolidates Vectra's position as the premier turret rewinder in the market, but also futureproofs it with a host of new features and enhanced functionality. The Vectra AutoSet is a testament to our commitment to advancing our customers' businesses.’




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