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Accraply announces modular upgrade for Trine roll fed labellers

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Accraply has introduced the Trine modular labelling station, an upgrade for existing Trine roll fed labellers that enables significant process improvements with minimal line disruption. Designed to integrate quickly and seamlessly with existing Trine labellers, this upgrade was engineered to improve throughput, simplify changeovers and operation, reduce maintenance costs and improve label appearance.

The modular labelling station can be retrofitted to an existing Trine labelling system or be used with a new system. This solution was designed to satisfy the evolving requirements of Accraply’s customer base.

‘This innovation is based exclusively on feedback from our customers who are already using Trine labelling systems,’ said Troy Peterson, Accraply’s Trine product line leader. ‘We are excited to bring this modular and easy to install solution to the roll fed label market.’

To mitigate costs and line disruption, this upgrade leverages the customer’s existing product handling system and existing Trine change parts. It can be installed in as few as three days, bringing the latest roll fed labelling technology to the customer’s operations quickly while minimising downtime.

The station includes Accraply’s SmartLink HMI, a next generation controls platform with efficiency reporting, preventative maintenance alerts, self-diagnosing software, video tutorials and onboard parts ordering. This HMI simplifies operation and increases throughput. It also decreases set up time by eliminating variables and opportunities for operator error.

In addition, the Trine modular labelling station includes improvements to maintenance, safety and waste reduction. The large diameter glue roll eliminates glue slinging and reduces vacuum drum cleaning time by 50%. The glue roller and glue scraper systems are safe, easy to keep clean and provide simple set up. The self-timing, servo driven system includes fewer moving components and wear parts than previous Trine labellers, reducing the need for replacement parts and operator adjustment.


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