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AM Labels introduces new range of sustainable labelling materials

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AM Labels has introduced a new range of sustainable labelling materials. The expanded offering comes in response to increasing demand for environmentally friendly labelling solutions.

According to research, 64% of consumers in the UK are more likely to buy from brands or retailers that use sustainable packaging, while 50% are willing to pay more for packaging that is sustainable. Consequently, as consumer demand for sustainable products rises, businesses are increasingly looking for solutions that meet the growing requirements for packaging that does not harm the environment. To meet this demand, AM Labels has added two new materials to its portfolio – sugar cane paper labels and grass paper labels.

The new sugar cane paper labels are composed of 95% sugar cane fibres, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood pulp papers. The remaining 5% is made of a mixture of hemp and linen. The sugar cane fibres within the material are a by-product of the production of sugar and would therefore traditionally be disposed of.

Along with being biodegradable, the permanent, acrylic based adhesive is also compostable and certified to EN13432, which is the European standard for industrial compostability. In addition, the material is a white, uncoated matt paper, offering wet strength and fungicidal treatments. It is suitable for applications that require the complete packaging to be biodegradable, such as fruit and vegetable labelling, while its thick and textured appearance make it ideal for wine, beverage and food labelling.

AM Labels’ new range of sustainable materials also includes grass paper labels, which are composed of 30% sun dried grass fibre (hay) and 70% sustainably sourced pulp. The adhesive has been specially formulated to include a high content of renewable, non fossil derived materials, making it biodegradable and compostable, as well as certified to EN13432 standards. The allergen free, vegan friendly material benefits from a natural, attractive finish, and is perfect for artisan food and drink labelling, in addition to cosmetics and organic products.

The sugar cane and grass paper labels available from AM Labels offer excellent sustainable benefits for businesses that are looking to communicate their responsible approach to protecting the environment, while offering good printability. Both materials are also suitable for direct contact with food, useful for fruit and vegetable labelling.

The new range of sustainable labelling materials is designed for use with the four colour OKI Pro1040 and the five colour OKI Pro1050 printers. The toner based Pro1040 and Pro1050 offer durable and waterproof print results, in addition to excellent UV resistance and good resistance to scuffing.

Brendon Bass, sales and marketing manager, commented: ‘At AM Labels, we work hard to continually develop and expand our portfolio to ensure that we are always offering our customers the latest and most innovative products available on the market. Our new range of sustainable labelling materials is a key development and one that will support our customers in making their operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

‘Our knowledgeable and experienced team is on hand to provide advice and support on our new sugar cane paper and grass paper labels, and we also offer demonstrations at our Northamptonshire based office for businesses that want to experience and trial the new sustainable range in person.’


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