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Antalis stand makes finals of Exhibition Stand Awards 2022

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Antalis has announced that its ‘Sustainable Street’ stand, showcasing the company’s own extensive portfolio of sustainable stand materials, has been selected as a finalist at the World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022. The stand demonstrated a range of innovative and sustainable substrates for use in retail design, in-store displays and point of sale at the VM & Display Show held in April.

Every element of the stand was made using substrates from within Antalis’ portfolio of sustainable products. The stand’s structure and all internal furniture was constructed entirely from Xanita, an engineered, closed cell fibreboard manufactured from material recovered from recycled used cardboard boxes.

Lightweight yet strong, Xanita is 100% recyclable and perfect for structural concepts such as exhibition and event stands, internal furniture and 3D displays. Other board products used included Lumex – a clear APET alternative to acrylic sheets, Katz Display Board – a wood pulp fibre board and Triaprint – an environmentally friendly and recyclable alternative to the use of PVC and PUR foam boards. Yupo Jelly a PVC free, 100% recyclable polyester film and Heytex Ecotex Decoflex R a textile option deco material made of 100% recycled yarns, also featured on the stand.

Specification consultant at Antalis, Claire White, commented: ‘Designing and producing a sustainable exhibition stand is about more than what is visually delivered – sustainability must be considered at every stage of the project. We are delighted Antalis’ stand has been recognised by the judging panel of this prestigious award – it’s testament to our great range of products and the incredible talent and skill of our collaborators on the project, Imageco.’

Winners of the World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022 will be announced soon.


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