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Arjowiggins launches ‘I am Rives/Je Suis Rives’

Paper Solutions

Arjowiggins has launched a dynamic global campaign to spotlight Rives: its classic paper range whose raison d'être is the pleasure of touch and texture.

Created with design agency BVD of Stockholm, the 'I am Rives/Je suis Rives' campaign sheds fresh light on the exceptional quality and printability of both Rives and Rives Sensation, as well as the French papermaking heritage of the collection. The campaign features a bespoke pack of printed samples, a new visual campaign, and a suite of digital assets bringing the tactility of the collection to life.

Jose-Anne d'Auvergne, head of marketing at Arjowiggins, stated: ‘With digital communication dominating our lives, high quality paper – whether it is used in books, packaging, or stationery – is uniquely placed to satisfy people’s hunger for tactility. Our customers increasingly seek paper products with a memorable tactile twist and Rives presents the perfect antidote to intangibility.’

The new ‘I am Rives’ sample book features a set of ten cards demonstrating the striking results of an array of print processes – offset, digital, embossing/debossing, hot foil, and silkscreen – on the full range of Rives textures. French/English bilingual quotes linking back to the name of each paper, such as ‘I am all dressed up in Tweed’; ‘I am Laid back’; ‘I am into Design’, suggest that Rives is so much more than just a paper range; it is a whole persona.

‘We decided to make the textures the heroes of the campaign,’ said Rikard Ahlberg, design director and partner at BVD. ‘The combination of these with different printing techniques and unique typesettings and layouts for each card within the sample book gives each paper its own character within the visual persona of Rives.’

Two foldout posters feature stunning high resolution photography of a light splitting prism to display the superior print performance of Rives Sensation's gloss and ultra matt finishes. The campaign also uses super close up imagery to make the paper live in the digital space, for example, two motion clips, for use on social media, that take viewers on a journey across the surface of each of Rives' eight textured surfaces. All in all, the campaign reveals the many facets and supreme versatility of Rives and Rives Sensation.

Jose-Anne d'Auvergne added, ‘We always aim to make paper that appeals to the senses. We believe that a sheet of paper between the fingers should evoke feelings, inspire and ultimately unlock creativity— and Rives does this so well. We hope that the new campaign conveys all the attributes of this unique paper range and appeals to designers, brand owners and printers worldwide in a new way.’


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