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Ashgate launches Fastbind’s Pureva Neo

Print Solutions

Ashgate Automation has launched a new generation of the large format

Fastbind binder. The Pureva Neo offers an all in one manual solution for high quality PUR and EVA book production.

‘In just a few years PUR binding has become the de facto standard for short run book binding,’ says Lewis Price, managing director, Ashgate Automation. ‘It has become one of the most profitable products that printers can offer. This means that as runs of on-demand perfect bound and hard cover books get shorter and shorter, printers are choosing to bring this type of work in house due to time constraints,more control and eliminating set up and transport costs. At the same time, customers realise the benefits of PUR binding for the strength of the bind and improved quality.’

The Neo it is an attractive investment for any print shop to take advantage of PUR technology while having the option of EVA hot melt binding in the same machine. It is an all in one machine for all binding needs, soft and hard cover books for higher margins and a versatile product range, tear off pads with no adjustments for form, size or paper type.

With traditional PUR machines, maintenance can be expensive and time consuming, making it hard to ensure a reliable finishing process in order to meet deadline. Pureva Neo’s innovative glue mechanism is easily cleaned or even changed thanks to economical glue cartridges making it possible to change from PUR to EVA in seconds. It uses an electronic adjustable temperature control with a single button operation between glue types.

It also has a new PGO Microcut roughener for coated paper stocks, which provides an optimised cutting pattern that increases glue penetration for better binding strength. Unlike other spine rougheners that grind the spine creating lots of noise and dust, the PGO opens the paper grain with very little noise and almost no paper dust.

The Neo has a production speed of one to three books a minute with a minimum/maximum binding thickness of 0.1 to 45 mm and a binding length of up to 455 mm and height of 140/320 mm. Its machine dimensions are 30 x 1080 x600 mm.

It complements the Pureva Smart PUR and EVA semi-automated binder.

‘This workstation meets the demands of our customers who want ease of operation, consistency, speed and clever use of automation for longer runs, although it is equally efficient for single copies upward,’ said Lewis.

The Pureva Smart and the Pureva Neo work well in conjunction with the Casematic A46Z, Fastbind’s first semi-automated cover maker. It offers a wide range of possibilities. As well as personalised covers for books and albums, it produces restaurant menus, ring or conference binders, luxury cases and more from A6 to 45 x 45cm.

The automation makes the operator’s work more accurate and covers and cases can be produced quickly with no set up time. A vacuum maintains the sheet in place during position. The guides are automatically lifted and the air table assist moves the cover around. The folding unit uses a mechanical clamp to turn the edges. The Casematic A46A is also available as a complete floor standing work station with ergonomic sliding side tables, one each side.


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