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Baumer hhs joins Two Sides

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Two Sides has announced its newest member and supporter, Baumer hhs, a worldwide partner for adhesive application and quality assurance. 


For more than 35 years, everything at Baumer hhs has revolved around secure gluing and the goal of meeting the high demands imposed by its customers and a dynamic market.


‘Sustainability is on everyone’s lips. We are only at the beginning of an exciting journey. But what does sustainability actually mean in a company like Baumer hhs? Well, we asked ourselves three questions on how we can be: economically sustainable for our customers in the market, socially sustainable for our employees and our environment, and ecologically sustainable for our company and the environment? 


‘These questions have led us to the new Baumer hhs motto: Rethink. Renew. Recycle,’ said Thomas Walther, corporate strategy and innovation for Baumer hhs GmbH. 


Walther continued, ‘We are delighted Baumer hhs is now a member of Two Sides. By aligning our messages on the sustainable worth of our services and the industry as a whole, we can better inform our customers, and in turn their customers.’


‘We are pleased to welcome Baumer hhs on board as members of Two Sides. Our partnership will help to communicate the facts around sustainable adhesive application in the paper and paper based packaging sector, informing brands and consumers alike. It is always a pleasure to welcome new members on board, we look forward to working with Baumer hhs moving forward,’ said Ian Bates, marketing and partnership director for Two Sides UK.


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