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Blackmore hails long term benefits of J&G Environmental partnership

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Dorset based printing company Blackmore has opened up about its long term relationship with J&G Environmental, revealing how this partnership has helped establish its business as one of the UK’s leading environmentally friendly printers.


Located in the Dorset town of Shaftesbury, Blackmore provides a range of printing services to clients including large corporations, world renowned charitable organisations and local businesses.


Blackmore’s selling point is its commitment to the environment. The company has won a host of awards in recognition of this work, offering carbon balanced printing to its customers in partnership with World Land Trust.


Another core part of this sustainable strategy is the partnership with J&G Environmental, a leading waste management company located down the road in Blandford Forum. The two companies have been working together for over 30 years, with J&G providing a specialist responsible disposal and recycling service to support Blackmore’s environmental goals.


Such has been the success of this partnership and ongoing development between the two parties that, for more than a decade, Blackmore has sent zero print related waste to landfill. Production director Nigel Hunt said J&G has played a significant part in this achievement.


‘We rely on J&G to ensure that all our print waste goes to the correct channels and is dealt with responsibly,’ Nigel said. ‘J&G is a specialist in this area and gives us full transparency of where the waste goes and how it is recycled. 

‘J&G ensures that all our waste is either recycled or reused, so that none of our waste goes into landfill. Blackmore is proud to say, with J&G’s help, we have sent zero print related waste to landfill since 2012. This is all part of our overall ethos to limit any impact on the environment and to reach our goal of achieving net-zero this decade.’


Not one to rest on its laurels, Blackmore is constantly looking for ways to offer an even more environmentally friendly service to customers. This includes working with the J&G team to see how the partnership can develop further.


‘We see our relationship with J&G as a seamless partnership,’ Nigel said. ‘We will continue to work with J&G to recycle or reuse our waste in the background, leaving us to concentrate on our core business: producing print that limits any impact on the environment. 

 ‘It is a real benefit that J&G is based locally to us and that we have such a good working relationship together – long may it continue!’



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