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Boost efficiency with new WAT tape dispenser

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Southgate Global has launched a new water activated tape dispenser (WAT) to help speed up operations and reduce costs as the demand for e-commerce rises.


The Optimax OM700 WAT dispenser has been designed specifically by the specialist team for fast paced operational logistics environments, as customers look to increase staff productivity to meet demand.


Developed with high volume, fast past shipping in mind, the OM700 has quick tape output, outputting 60 metres per minute, pre-set buttons to auto dispense from 15 to 145 cm, a programme mode – to allow configuration of up to six different lengths in sequence via the digital display – plus the largest tape capacity in the industry – up to 255 mm long and 80 mm wide.


Phil O’Driscoll, head of innovation and new product development, said: ‘We recognised the pressures that fulfilment and distribution sites were under and looked to produce a product that would ensure fast and continuous packaging operations, while also offering considerable capital cost savings on other options.


‘To find a solution that is informed by demand, we asked our customers to review their current equipment and share with us what is, and isn’t, working well. This is a process we follow with all new product development at Southgate, and ensures we are bringing products to the market that are going to make a difference.’


WAT Dispensers offer a multitude of benefits for packing and shipping operations as it ensures consistent and accurate sealing, reducing the time and effort required compared to manual methods. The strong bond formed by water activated tape creates a permanent seal making it highly tamper resistant as well as removing the need for multiple layers of retaping, further speeding up the packing process.                                                                                               


The OM700 also provides an optional automatic measuring sensor which will auto-dispense tape to fit the exact size without wasted tape and a foot pedal for hands free operation.



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