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Since 2015, we have been absolutely delighted to be media partner to the incredible Brief Cases initiative.

The presentation of the university students who have taken part in Brief Cases with their awards at The Solutions Awards has become a real highlight of the day.

Developed by The Heaven Company, Brief Cases is a brilliant initiative to inspire students.

The brainchild of Veronica Heaven, and ‘bridging the gap between academic study and commercial reality’ in a really positive way, Brief Cases works with universities to encourage degree level students to look at their choices when it comes to design and to think seriously about the benefits of using paperboard instead of other materials and to consider the role of print and this industry in their future careers. But more than this, it challenges their entrepreneurial abilities and makes them think about the skills they will need in the ‘real world’ by providing a series of ‘briefs’ that they have to think about, plan and then turn into a piece of work.

Set within the degree curriculum, the students pursue the live brief and come up with an innovative design that could be used in reality. The universities put the whole course year group through the Brief Cases projects, which means that there is a unique opportunity to inspire, influence and inform the next generation about the print sector.

The scheme aims to excite, enthuse and encourage undergraduates, whilst helping them to sensitively design in sustainability from the start of the creative process.

‘In an increasingly competitive and complex business environment, Brief Cases projects offer students an opportunity to gain direct connections with industry and to tackle social and sustainability issues. Brief Cases works for business, it works for the environment and it is a social investment that delivers tangible social value, business benefits and great CSR,’ said Veronica.

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