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C&T Matrix installs first ClearTech X-PRO 1311 in UK

Cutting Solutions

C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) has announced the first installation of its ClearTech X-Pro 1311 within the UK market.

S&W Cutting Formes of Nottingham, which provides quality die formes in all formats, purchased the ClearTech X-Pro 1311 following a consultation with C&T Matrix. The company has recently made several key investments in its people, premises and machinery to ensure it is able to continue to provide an up to date, speedy and reliable service that meets the ever increasing technical requirements of end user converters.

Installation of the ClearTech X-Pro 1311 enables S&W Formes to address issues it had been encountering when cutting precision parts needed in firm density ejection rubbers.

The X-Pro 1311 has the ability to cut all solid and cellular rubbers up to 65 shore. With zoned control of the vacuum bed, it allows the machine to maximise the powerful vacuum to any area of the table surface to suit the rubber being cut. It is a three in one machine capable of producing drawings, layouts, traces, patch up sheets; sample making in both solid carton and corrugated substrates; and precision cut ejection rubber and printing blankets.

The decision to invest came after C&T Matrix installed and demonstrated the ClearTech X-Pro 1311 at its premises, allowing S&W Formes to fully test the machine on site. Installation is quick and simple, requiring just single phase power, air pressure and network connection to a CAD system.

Managing director of S&W Formes, Marc Beastall, said: ‘I was amazed and impressed that C&T Matrix delivered and installed within two weeks of the consultation. With the easy to use interface, we were up and running within minutes. This machine not only cut the new ejection rubbers we were struggling with, but it also cut our normal rubbers with greater speed and accuracy, allowing us to cover the whole range of ejection rubbers in the marketplace up to a height of 20 mm. The decision to invest was easy after the machine performed above and beyond our expectations.’

Simon Shenton, C&T Channel Matrix managing director, commented: ‘The acquisition of Clear Group, Spain, by C&T Matrix, is enabling us to continue to rapidly grow our range of die making products, machines and services, within the UK and worldwide markets. With many years of supplying these machines within Europe and America, we believe they offer the UK market a modern, powerful, state of the art range of well proven machine technologies to cater for the needs of all die makers and design areas, large or small.’


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