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Cartor invests to meet increased global tax stamp demand

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Leading security printing group Cartor Security Printers has invested in a Blumer Atlas-1200 finishing machine to cut and stack tax stamps. The investment, which was recently installed at Cartor’s French site, follows increased demand for their specialist print and finishing capabilities.

Following a re-brand in 2021, Cartor’s reputation, built from delivering innovative printing solutions to over 180 administrations in the postal sector, has seen the company expand in key markets where it can create highly innovative, secure printing solutions for businesses with high monetary or intellectual value products and services.

Ongoing investment in machinery, such as the Blumer Atlas-1200, has enabled the company to achieve high productivity rates in the provision of wide ranging solutions to help customers combat fraud and better protect their brands and revenues. In the production of tax stamps, the cutting and banding process of rectangular labels is always a big challenge, especially when small sizes or difficult materials have to be cut. On the Atlas-1200, the strip stacks, previously cut on a guillotine cutter, are properly guided and held down before and during the cross-cutting process in a controlled manner and with the highest accuracy. The process provides very high stack stability and concludes with stack banding.

Commenting on the investment, operations director, Fabrice Pennec, said: ‘Our finishing capabilities are at the forefront of the security printing industry and encompass a wide variety of operations including die cutting, chopping out, matrix stripping, coiling, and sheeting. The investment in the Atlas-1200 is indicative of Cartor’s drive to provide industry leading performance standards in terms of accuracy, fulfilment and timeliness, while removing any risk of quality issues.’


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