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Colpac creates sustainable packaging and sealing machinery solution for Hug

Packaging Solutions

Demonstrating the versatility of its packaging, Colpac has customised its award winning, recyclable Stagione range to create a future-proof solution for Hug Pet Foods.

The result not only meets the premium pet food producer’s high quality and sustainable objectives, but responds to demands for flexibility, catering to the evolving ingredients of the company’s product range.

A premium producer of high quality, ethically sourced and nutrient rich whole food for cats and dogs, Hug Pet Food ranges are formulated to maximise pets’ quality of life and are sold online and through pet food suppliers across the UK.

The company required a packaging solution which was simple, effective, and represented the premium Hug brand, whilst also being multifaceted in its performance to manage the diverse range of pet food dishes produced.

Hug was immediately drawn to Colpac’s Stagione range for its unique shape, stackability and performance that allowed both freezing, and microwave heating. The ability to recycle the packaging within current and future guidelines was equally important.

Initially the proposition was for sealed, lidded, individually printed packs. However, with 28 different recipes and a continual process of scientifically adjusting and improving these recipes, bespoke printing the bases, was not an economical or flexible enough option for Hug’s business model.

Colpac worked closely with Hug to find a future proof solution. The first stage of this was the sealing of the Stagione bases. Due to the rigid roll top construction of the range, they are ideal for this, and with the same top out size for the selected 750 ml and 1000 ml bases, only one size tool was required.

The company initially recommended the Colseal SL1200, however additional functionality was required such as inkjet coding and a conveyor unit, and an alternative solution was developed.

A cost effective and agile solution was also required for the branding of the pots. Not only should the branding reflect the quality of the brand but again Hug required flexibility as the ingredients within its dishes are continually evolving. The solution was a full colour printed sleeve to be fitted onto the packs for each of the different flavour combinations with a space for an inkjet label for ingredients, best before date and serving/cooking instructions.

Hug Pet Foods also uses the same solution in the smaller 225 ml and 450 ml souper pots with sleeves for cat food.

‘When it comes to feeding healthy, happy pets, Hug Pet Foods doesn’t believe in compromise,’ commented Kate Berry, Colpac’s head of marketing and product. ‘Colpac is well placed to meet this approach as we can customise our ranges to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our Stagione range is highly versatile and meets the complex needs of manufacturers with a range of different dishes.’


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