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Corrugated Case Company chooses Baysek C-170 die cutter

Packaging Solutions

Baysek Machines has sold a C-170 automatic die cutter to The Corrugated Case Company based in Chesterfield. The new machine will be installed Spring 2021.

Founded in 1996, and with more than 50 staff, The Corrugated Case Company is recognised as one of the UK’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of corrugated packaging products. The new C-170 will improve both quality and productivity across the entire corrugated conversion operation. Highly automated, requiring only one operator and equipped with an advanced HMI, the new machine will provide easy set up, fast job changeover and therefore maximum uptime expalined Robert Jess, UK and Europe Sales at Baysek.

The innovative die cutting method removes the need to manually strip waste from die cut work, thanks to its in line separation capabilities, no matter how difficult or intricate the job, enabling piles of blanks to be delivered in bundles using the ‘step stack’ feature or full stacks ready for shipping on machine exit.

The servo-driven C-170 represents a big investment and will give The Corrugated Case Company the ability to handle higher volume packaging runs and increase capacity even further to produce more complex jobs.

Baysek’ C-170 automatic die cutter has a maximum sheet size of 1400 x 1700 mm with a maximum speed of 1800 sheets per hour. The die cutting method produces fully stripped nick/angel hair free, multiple-out die cuts as well as more complex work and large one-outs. The finished parts exit the machine, counted and stacked ready for shipping saving both time and additional labour cost as no further handling is required such as ‘breaking out’ or further ‘stripping’ unlike other die cutters. The suction feed system is perfect for high quality digital print and display work which does not scuff or scratch the board.

The C-170 is capable of die cutting all grades of corrugated up to double wall, solid board and foil/foam laminates. The PLC is operator friendly and includes a step-stack feature and tie sheet inserter which is designed for bundles or smaller stacks. The C-170 is CE marked and has enhanced safety features throughout making the machine one of the safest on the market. Average job changeover is 10 to 15 minutes and running the machine only requires one operator saving on labour costs compared to other machines.


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