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Cozmo and Kornit Digital present sustainable choice with stunning printed designs

Textile Solutions

Kornit Digital collaborated with furniture start up Cozmo and London design studio Raw-Edges to showcase the unlimited creativity made possible by digitally produced custom sofa jacket designs at the London Design Festival.

Dubbed ‘Cheek Prints’, the collection was created sustainably, quickly, and on-demand with Kornit’s digital fashion and textile production solutions. Each cover features visually stunning designs intended to transform plain, standard sofas into custom creations with an entirely fresh look and feel. The collection was designed by Raw-Edges at its London design studio.

‘The ability to transform a generic fabric with custom prints creates a sofa that can change with the owner’s tastes and provides a lifetime of value,’ said Phil Oakley, director of UK and Ireland at Kornit Digital. ‘With digital production technology, there is no need to throw away older sofas. It allows owners to redesign the furniture’s look and feel quickly, easily, and cost effectively. We are proud of our collaboration with both Cozmo and Raw-Edges, showing all that is possible for home décor with sustainable, on-demand production.’

‘Our sofas are design led, offering customers total freedom to create something that is unique and special and doesn’t exist in the market,’ said Jacob Peres, co-founder of Cozmo. ‘Working with Kornit, we are not only putting creativity in the buyer’s hands, but also allowing the market to respond quickly to changing customer demand. We are very pleased of our collaboration with Kornit and Raw-Edges, which is unlocking new levels of creativity with highly sustainable digital production.’

The sofa collection was produced using Kornit’s Presto direct to fabric digital production system, widely considered the industry’s most advanced, single step solution for high quality decoration – and the only system offering white printing on coloured fabrics. With the power of on-demand technology, designers can easily and rapidly embrace new possibilities to transform mere concepts into brilliant, custom fabrics. Digital production removes typical limitations of one fabric, one design at a time – whether it is a single sofa or many sofas – and at the same cost. For industries ranging from fashion and home décor to other advanced textile applications, the Kornit solution consistently unlocks unlimited creativity – producing garments and fabrics with the highest quality and softest feel.


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