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Croxsons to unveil ambitious sustainability plans

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Celebrating a remarkable 150th anniversary this year, leading glass packaging company Croxsons will be using BeerX to unveil its ambitious sustainability plans. The Sutton-Surrey based business, which recently saw a change of CEO from James Croxson to Tim Croxson, as part of its father to son succession planning, is planning a number of environmental initiatives to mark this special year.

As part of its carbon reduction strategy, the company has made a commitment to achieve carbon net zero and will be working towards this target in the future. Also, in marking the anniversary, Croxsons will be planting 150,000 trees not only in celebration of the achievement, but also to signify its intent in tackling environmental issues. The last initiative applies to any customer who places an enquiry and makes an order up to 100,000 bottles, who can then have their first order completely offset in terms of its carbon footprint.

‘As we are not a manufacturer, there is only so much we can do when it comes to sustainability,’ said Croxsons’ CEO, Tim Croxson. ‘We can analyse our carbon footprint and have plans to reduce that to zero, but we also wanted to be gutsy and show our intent – that is when we decided to plant 150,000 trees! Sure it is outrageous, but why not – it is our gift back in many respects. In offsetting a customer’s order, we are saying that we can’t fix everything, but we must do something and this is something that we can do. Sustainability should be the heart of everything we do and hopefully this will also help customers with their sustainability goals too.’

Croxsons will be exhibiting on stand 81 at BeerX 16 to 17 March, Liverpool.


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