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Digital press manufacturers rely on Color-Logic for metallics

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As printers around the world continue to add digital presses and printers to their stables of printing solutions, Color-Logic is extremely popular for metallics. To date, more than 70 digital press and printer models using metallic and white inks or toners to print on paper – or white inks or toners to print on metallic substrate – have been certified by Color-Logic.

Buyers of these machines can be confident their purchases can take complete advantage of all 924 Color-Logic metallic hues and embellishments.

Commenting on the certification programme, Mark Geeves, director of sales and marketing, said: ‘On our website we maintain a list of press and printer manufacturer partners that enables potential digital press and printer buyers to determine whether Color-Logic has certified the machine they may be considering. Digital press and printer manufacturers with certified models include Agfa, Canon, Domino, Durst, EFI. Fujifilm, Gallus, HP Inidgo, Heidelberg, Konica-Minolta, Mark Andy, Mimaki, Mutoh, Nilpeter, Roland DG, Ricoh, Screen, swissQprint, Xeikon, and Xerox. The fact that virtually every digital press and printer manufacturer choses to work with Color-Logic signals the widespread acceptance and need for this software to enable successful metallic colour communication and the creation of print embellishments.’

Mark continued, ‘Most certification processes in the print industry focus on quality, reproducibility, and repeatability – all very important to our process. Unlike other certifications, however, the Color-Logic certification is about the ability of the printer or press – based on the substrate, inks and coatings used, as well as press conditions – to produce metallic embellishments for the 924 Color-Logic metallic hues. We focus on how to differentiate print; our colour charts and test form – consisting of three 12 inch by 18 inch sheets, or 10 feet of a web roll of paper – seek to demonstrate to brands, agencies, and printers what can be done at the design stage using the Color-Logic plug-ins and palettes for Adobe Creative Cloud. The world today is about differentiation and personalisation. Our efforts with our press and printer manufacturer partners are focused on helping our printer customers achieve differentiation and personalisation for their brand clients in significantly less time and with less pressroom waste than is possible without Color-Logic today.’


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