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DTF production transfer solutions offer easy solution for textiles

Textile Solutions

TheMagicTouch offers the latest in DTF digital transfer innovation. For the past two years, the company has successfully installed and supported production DTF systems throughout the UK.

DTF offers the ability to produce full colour transfers for garments and textiles, regardless of colour or composition and compatible with cotton, polyester, leather, softshell, performance fabrics, pique blends, canvas, denim and much more; making a must for all garment decorators to consider.

The DTF process is simple. First, print the roll fed 60 cm wide coated PET film using water based inks and then lightly coat the printed transfer with a hot melt adhesive powder. The printed transfer is then cured using either an automatic finishing unit or using a manually operated tray style oven. The cured transfer can then be applied immediately using a traditional heat press. There is no pre-treatment required to the garments.

The flagship production printer on offer is the DTFMagic Pro60 model featuring the latest in dual Epson print head technology and powered using the DTFMagic RIP by Cadlink. Amongst its many features the printer includes an automatic ink mixing function to ensure perfect circulation of the white ink resulting in minimal maintenance or production issues. The wet cap system allows the printer to be switched off for periods of up to one month without the need to flush out the white ink.

The finished transfers offer outstanding durability, are stretchable and have incredible feel and vibrant colours.

Jim Nicol, managing director of TheMagicTouch, commented: ‘The DTF transfer process is simply the best new transfer solution for many, many years. With our 30 years of experience we believe we have the perfect solution to market and more importantly support this product beyond customer expectations. This really is a game changer for this industry.’

DTF offers more flexibility with the transfers. Printed transfers can be sent elsewhere to be applied at a later date with a shelf life of over two years, thus creating another potential revenue stream for the user.

TheMagicTouch also supply desktop DTF printers and finishing units, together with Kodak inks, various PET film options and adhesive powders supported with Oeko-Tex certification where applicable.

For further details, samples or to arrange a demonstration at the new DTF training facility in Dunstable contact


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