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DTM Print adds new label material to special OKI Pro10 bundle

Label Solutions

DTM Print has introduced its new DTM DryToner Paper Semi-Gloss Colour Coated label material by including it in a special bundle for OKI’s Pro1040 and Pro1050 LED Label Printer. Until 31 of March 2022, customers that purchase one of these printers not only get a three year warranty instead of just 12 months, but also one roll of the new DTM DryToner Paper Semi-Gloss Colour Coated in the colour of your choice is added to each order.

Under the ‘Genuine DTM Label Stock’ brand, DTM Print offers a large variety of approved labels substrates. The surface of this new label material can be coated in many individual colours and is designed specifically for adhesion to metals cardboard, and most plastics. It is a machine coated, woodfree printing paper with semi-gloss finish. The semi-gloss finish is very abrasion and highly water resistant. The facestock is made from FSC certified paper. It is suitable for printing with usual dry toner electrographic label printers, such as the DTM CX86e colour tag printer and of course OKI’s Pro10-Series, all from stock.

DTM DryToner Paper Semi-Gloss Colour Coated is the perfect label material for product groups that include slightly different versions of each product, such as food supplements. For those applications the labels are usually designed in the same overall colour theme that matches a certain corporate or product identity but differs slightly in the product name, product logo, list of product information or other design elements. The label surface can be pre-printed full bleed in all CMYK colours. Multi-coloured patterns such as rainbow or colour blocking are also possible.

By using DTM Print’s colour coated paper material, manufacturers and producers get fully coloured labels, which not only saves a lot of toner and therefore cost with each printed label but actually enables full bleed labels. Printing full bleed on laser printers is not recommended as the toner literally drops off the edges of the label and ultimately shortens the life span of the printer. For label finishing the DTM LF140e is the suitable accessory, which can laminate if needed, cut to shape, remove the matrix and slit and rewind the finished labels into rolls.


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