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Duo partners with Plastix to reduce maritime waste pollution

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Packaging consultancy and manufacturer Duo and Danish plastic recycler Plastix are partnering to bring a new product to the FMCG market. Duo has developed a shrink film utilising Oceanix HDPE from Plastix – a recycled plastic made from waste fishing gear.

Expanding its circular approach to plastic across the sector, Duo will manufacture shrink film for food and beverage outer packaging using Oceanix recycled plastics, made from 98% maritime waste such as fishing nets and ropes.

Fishing gear is one of the deadliest forms of marine waste, threatening 66% of marine animals and 50% of seabirds. The Plastix technology enables the maritime industry to minimise waste fishing gear pollution, which could otherwise end up in the oceans. Oceanix has undergone a lifecycle assessment and is confirmed to provide up to 94% CO2e savings, when compared with virgin plastics.

Hans Axel Kristensen, CEO at Plastix, said: ‘Our independent LCA study on Oceanix not only shows world class CO2 reductions, but at the same time highlights that it is 11 times more climate efficient on freshwater use, five times more on ocean acidification and 43 times more on fossil resource use, compared to virgin plastics. It is our mission here at Plastix to reduce maritime plastic pollution and offer the most sustainable recycled plastics as an immediate solution to the world’s climate emergency.

‘Duo represents everything we look for in a partner; they demonstrate a shared motivation and drive to make the plastics economy circular to help solve the climate crisis. We’re delighted to partner with them as they step into new packaging territory with exciting products in shrink film.’

The company has a 35 year history of manufacturing plastic packaging and lifecycle design has remained a core principle of the business since the very beginning.

Zoe Brimelow, brand director at Duo, said: ‘Duo remains unwavering in its mission to bring waste full circle, so this partnership with Plastix was an easy choice; its recycled plastic ticks so many boxes for us as a business. Not only is it an innovative solve to a big environmental problem, but the quality of the green recycled pellet makes for a standout end product too.

‘Expanding our presence in the FMCG sector is a major part of Duo’s strategic and ambitious growth plan. With our long standing passion and knowledge for plastic packaging, plus the technical machinery to support, we feel we are expertly placed to produce our new shrink films containing Oceanix. Many brand owners are expressing a big interest in replacing virgin plastic shrink films for recycled plastic alternatives, so we are excited to begin rolling out these products in the coming months.’


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