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Two Sides has announced its newest member and supporter, Dynamic Print, the UK based specialist print and design company.

Trading since 1990 and with over 30 years of expertise in the print and paper industries, Dynamic Print has built up a wealth of knowledge regarding the print processes, paper and design.

‘Sustainability is a highly important subject and we are seeing our customers wanting more sustainable options when choosing the materials for their print projects. At Dynamic Print we have made sure to offer a full range of eco friendly, fully sustainable printing and paper options. We have also entirely committed to a rewilding project transforming our industrial estate unit ‘rubbish tip garden’ into an environmentally friendly diverse space, creating a vegetable patch, customer and staff seating area, four various sized ponds, a food and paper composter made out of pallet waste and we have seen wildlife in the garden from wild rabbits, hedgehogs, bats, moles and nine species of birds. Joining Two Sides brings many new ways we can communicate to our customers just how sustainable print really is. We are delighted Dynamic Print is now a member,’ said Sarah Smith, managing director, Dynamic Print.

The Dynamic Print range includes paper that is made from 100% recycled paper, seeded paper (which grows if home composted), recyclable kraft paper, seaweed paper, agricultural wastepaper and 100% cotton.

‘We are pleased to welcome Dynamic Print on board as a member of Two Sides. Our partnership with the company will help us communicate the great environmental story that print, paper and even packaging has to tell, reaching many brands and consumers. It is always a pleasure to welcome new members onboard and we look forward to working with Dynamic Print,’ said Josh Birch, campaign manager of Two Sides UK.


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