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End to end automation from the Bowe Group

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Böwe Systec has made a global name for itself with process automation solutions built around inserting, letter and parcel sorting as well as intralogistics. It has now become the Bowe Group. Under this umbrella, three specialist divisions supply integrated, industry specific automation technologies as well as smart IoT software solutions.

With its three divisions, each with an individual brand identity, the Bowe Group offers made to measure automation and IoT software solutions tailored to the individual needs of the respective target markets. ‘Our aim is to use our know how to come up with the right solutions for overcoming our customers’ challenges. In doing so, we can give them a competitive edge in their chosen markets,’ explained Joachim Koschier, managing director. ‘Our new, focused direction and the concentration of expertise in separate business units will enable us to meet our customers’ individual needs better than ever. We are able to provide them with solutions that perfectly match their business segments. Apart from this, our customers profit from our global sales and service network. We consider it important to support them closely throughout their project from the outset.’

Bowe Systec will represent the traditional document and mail processing segment. The emphasis will continue to be on smart inserting technology, letter and mixed mail sorters as well as plastic card and electronic passport mailing.

Customers in the intralogistics business can get everything they need to optimise their sorting centres and warehouses from Bowe Intralogistics. With a broad product portfolio and expertise, it provides full service intralogistics solutions. From unloading aids through conveyors and picking systems to sorters, there is something for every warehouse or distribution centre no matter what size. Whether for packet and parcel sorting, e-commerce, retail or wholesale, food and beverage, 3PL or the manufacturing industry: modular intralogistics solutions automate and speed up the whole of the internal process chain – from goods in through picking and sorting to dispatch, and beyond.

These two divisions are perfectly complemented by Bowe IQ with its smart IoT software solutions for document and mail processing as well as the broad field of intralogistics. The decision to establish this third business unit underlines the steadily growing role of digitisation across the group’s product range and its customers’ value chains. The spectrum extends from software for intuitive machine control through process automation to track and trace solutions, including serialisation and applications for that famous ‘last mile’. High performance, industry specific warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS) round off the portfolio.

‘The new market presence is the next step in our group’s dynamic development,’ continued Joachim. ‘We went through a metamorphosis over the last few years. Our portfolio has been continually enhanced, with strategic expansions into intralogistics and software. We have also evolved parallel to this as a company – from a machine manufacturer to a full service provider of end to end automation solutions for different industries, with three strings to our bow: mail processing, intralogistics and software. However, many of our customers weren’t actually aware of these changes. That is why we are now adapting our market presence to reflect our organisation as-is. The new structure comprised of three independent divisions means we can offer each target market exactly the Bowe Group expertise they are looking for in concentrated form.’

The Bowe Group website has also been relaunched. It highlights the differentiated brand identity and provides ease of use and functionality.

You can access the new website at


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