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Essentra Tapes urges CPG leaders to think outside the box

Packaging Solutions

Nottingham based Essentra Tapes has called on consumer packaged goods leaders (CPG) to reimagine their packaging portfolios in a bid to stay competitive.

The company’s range of tapes and systems is proven to enhance brand communication, protection, authentication, and security, as well as bolster consumer convenience and contribute to an unforgettable opening experience.

Notably, its flagship brands RippaTape, SupaStrip, and Re:Close have seen recent increases in demand, as brand owners look to satisfy consumers’ rapidly changing preferences, reduce customer friction and increase the amount of returning buyers.

A host of e-commerce retailers have given gloomy revenue forecasts in recent weeks with growth slowing in the sector after two years of rapid expansion during the pandemic.

Head of marketing and development Ian Beresford said, ‘As brands look to stabilise after the Covid era e-commerce craze, packaging is an area that is garnering lots of interest. Increasingly, they end up talking with us about our range of tape solutions that can make the packaging opening experience so much more pleasurable.

‘Essentra tear tapes can create easy access to both primary and secondary packaging applications, such as flow wraps, multipacks, or indeed e-commerce corrugated boxes, avoiding messy, ragged tears or frustration in accessing the product.

‘Whilst the current business environment is certainly challenging, there are also opportunities. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to bring more value to consumers and reduce complexity in the consumer path to consumption.

‘We believe organisations that set a high ambition level for the product experience, including the opening of packs, while attempting to understand the complex and intersecting motivations of today’s consumers, will grow and sustain at greater levels.’

Essentra Tapes produces over 31 million km of tear tape annually, which is seamlessly applied to a wide variety of packs, from flexible overwraps and sleeves to cartons, boxes, envelope mailers, flexible packaging, and even hermetically sealed packs. With 10 colour gravure printing and sophisticated slitting lines, the tape products meet exact print and quality standards.


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