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EveryPage envelopes in-house with Compact inserter

Finishing Solutions

Coventry based EveryPage Ltd has invested in a Mailmaster Compact envelope inserter from KAS Paper Systems Ltd.

‘For some years, we have been inserting envelopes by hand or on our small desktop inserter as well as outsourcing to a local mailing house,’ explained EveryPage’s managing director Mike Ellis. ‘With our mailing volumes remaining steady and with envelope insertion being costly and time consuming operation to outsource, we decided to look at bringing this in-house early this year.’

‘Our first, and as it turned out, only port of call was KAS Paper Systems, having had good experience with one of its Mailmaster 465HS inserters at Kenilworth Printers,’ said Mike. ‘When we approached the company, it had a Mailmaster Compact in the showroom, which met our envelope inserting and space requirements, and, after a few discussions, it was delivered in a little over two weeks, with installation and training taking just over a day,’ said Mike. ‘The Compact comes with a letter feeder/folder and two feeders for inserts and encloses into C4, C5 and DL envelopes. As suggested by the name, it has a small footprint, is also quick and easy to set up, and straightforward to operate, so both myself, our production manager and any team member can run the machine.’

‘We print, finish and mail work, primarily for the leisure and entertainment sector, which obviously took a big hit during the last two years,’ added Mike, ‘so, after much hard work, we are relieved to not just still be here, but be in a position to need to and be able to invest.’

The KAS Mailmaster Compact encloses up to 5000 envelopes per hour. As well as the letter, which can be folded in line once or twice for inserting into C5 or DL, or fed flat for inserting into C4, the Compact can feed two other separate documents, such as single page flat or pre-folded flyers, reply envelopes and stitched booklets up to 7 mm thick.

Asked how the encloser has performed, Mike responded: ‘The installation and training didn’t take long and was trouble free. The Compact has been running really well, it is used every single day, for short and longer runs and we reckon we will be enclosing between 50,000 and 100,000 envelope per month. Also, we run some glossy stocks for which KAS fitted a special feed roller when the machine was installed. In the first week we had one issue which was resolved the next day with a visit from an engineer.’


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