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Fast access to market leading trigger spray solutions

Packaging Solutions

The advanced Booster-S trigger spray is now available through Berry Agile Solutions, offering companies of all sizes quality order fulfilment services and fast availability, with low minimum order quantities and lead times of six to eight weeks for a fully branded bottle and trigger spray solution.

The plastic pack offers a polyolefin plastic trigger that can be fully recycled where appropriate recycling facilities exist. When combined with a PET bottle, it can offer a completely recyclable pack to help companies meet their sustainability objectives.

The trigger also delivers an enhanced user experience for consumers. It dispenses 2 ml of product per spray action compared to the 1.2 ml for most triggers, making it ideal for larger spray areas, with consistent droplet size and spray direction. Its ergonomic design provides improved hand support to avoid finger fatigue by requiring minimum force to activate the trigger.

The non drip trigger can handle a wide variety of spray and foamer formulations. Intelligent dip tube placement maximises evacuation of the bottle to allow full use of the contents.

The trigger can be combined with different bottle sizes, including 500 ml and 750 ml, and all are available from stock.

‘The Booster-S trigger spray showcases Berry’s Global’s design and technical expertise that supports the circular economy,’ commented Joe Horton, product line director. ‘The low minimum order quantities enable fast access to this user friendly and practical solution, helping companies to optimise their products’ speed to market.’


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