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Wide Format Solutions

Phil McMullin, head of sales, commercial and industrial, Epson (UK) Ltd, explains how you can maximise the performance of your investment.

How can you elevate your production capabilities long past the initial injection of efficiency and capacity a new addition to your hardware line up delivers?

How can you enjoy operational gains without the expense of new hardware?

Today’s robust, responsive, and application flexible print production systems deliver longevity and reliability. They can be up and running and performing to their optimum immediately.

This is a great testament to making the right investment, but it can present a challenge for those operations under pressure to continue to improve efficiencies and savings.

This is where we believe performance improving software can help businesses make significant changes long after their investment.

Software that:

  • Enhances output.

  • Increases uptime.

  • Delivers efficient production planning.

  • Provides reliable support.

  • Enables anytime updates via mobile phones and tablets.

Epson’s cloud solution Port aids all of these and is a conduit for remote servicing. It is supplied free of charge with production printers, such the SureColor SC-R5000 resin ink large format printer, SureColor SC-V70000 UV large format printer and the SureColor SC-F10000 dye sublimation printer. Systems across multiple sites, or several solutions on one site, can be monitored remotely or from the production floor.

Financial efficiencies can be introduced as well with Epson’s ink cost calculator. It provides a cost estimation function that helps with calculations.

These solutions, and others, are being continually reviewed and improved to ensure they are responding accurately to today’s market demands.

Operations that already have peace of mind with our own developed hardware and consumables, from the printers to the printheads and inks, can also explore supported ways to grow their business further.

We can help them identify all their needs whether that is today or in the future and that includes the ability to offer support, advice, and guidance, when it is needed. We can provide a comprehensive understanding of how to maximise efficiency throughout the whole workflow.

We can help them discover the most effective options to provide a more convincing approach to successful growth, long after the initial investment.


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