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Healeys Cornish Cyder advent calendar campaign boosts year round awareness

Packaging Solutions

Smurfit Kappa takes pride in its client relationships and approaches each project, knowing that the best packaging results can only happen when it works with, not just for, clients.

The Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple site has been working with Healeys on a variety of different packaging projects – from concept development to project completion and beyond.

Thanks to the capabilities of high quality print, and hugely talented design team, Healeys was supported with its new product development projects, including the release of the premium Cornish Cyder advent pack.

When Healeys wanted to increase its product range, it explored seasonal gifting ideas and, with extensive experience in gift packaging, the company turned to the Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple site to take it from idea to fruition.

The team at Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple proposed a cyder advent calendar that would be fitting for the brand, whilst reflecting the fun of the festivities. To create the unboxing experience of an advent calendar, each compartment was perforated enough that only one would open when ripped, helping keep the one at a time tease of an advent calendar alive right up until the big day.

The Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple team worked closely with Healeys to understand the challenges faced on the packing line. As a result, it came up with a two-part solution, which allowed the client’s operatives to build each calendar from the bottom up while providing the necessary protection for each bottle. When it came to the advent calendar’s perforated window openings, the in house design team went through multiple test phases to ensure they were easy to open whilst providing adequate strength to the outer box.

The result was an eye catching, bright, bold, packaging solution that could comfortably support the weight of 12 bottles from Healeys Rattler range. For the inside of the drink advent calendar, the team designed a bespoke fitment for each 500 ml bottle of Cornish Cyder. This allowed individual bottles to remain hidden from the other, ensuring throughout December customers could enjoy the complete advent experience that we all enjoy at any age. The easy to open solution for the consumer aimed to provide a more positive experience for end users, however, the packaging wasn’t only designed with the dedicated Cyder Rattler fans in mind. The advent calendar was easy to pack too which was welcomed by the client’s warehouse team. The final product was an eye catching litho laminated outer case print with quick to erect crash lock base and easy locking tab lid, which required no additional packaging material to seal.

Using a larger litho laminator allowed Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple to give the packaging its bespoke ‘Rattler’ look. The team added matt varnish to make sure the colours popped, while the matt finish provided additional scratch resistance, limiting the chance of spoiling the bright, vibrant print.

With the Cyder advent calendar campaign being such a success, it is likely to increase year round sales and has the potential to become an annual tradition for both current and future fans of Cyder and cider. As the drinks packaging is made of 100% sustainable cardboard, it is also completely recyclable and can be discarded via any standard recycling method, appealing to the brand’s more eco conscious customers.

Lee Maidment, marketing manager for Healeys Cyder, said: ‘We were really happy with the ‘12 days of Rattler’ advent packaging and Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple was instrumental in bringing it to life. It was a challenging project because of the overall weight of the finished product and the more practical consideration of how we would manually erect and pack the box, ensuring the right bottle could be placed behind the correct window. Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple thought of everything, from how the packaging would work in our warehouse and logistics department, to making sure the bottles would be secure in the advent calendar. The quirky campaign was well received by Rattler fans, helped boost our brand exposure, and improved our sales over the festive period. Many thanks to the talented Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple team.’

Easy to pack packaging can offer drink manufacturers a whole host of measurable benefits in addition to a reduction in labour costs. Thanks to the packaging being 100% sustainable, it can lead to new audiences by raising brand awareness amongst increasingly environmentally conscious consumers, which go on to result in other brand purchases and customer loyalty.


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