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Heidelberg further expands portfolio for in-mould label and folding carton production

Label Solutions

In summer 2021, Heidelberg launched the Generation 4 CutStar, the Speedmaster XL 106-D rotary die cutter, and a new Performance Package for in-mould label production on the Speedmaster XL 106. It is now further expanding this portfolio by entering into a worldwide distribution agreement with the Japanese company AN Corporation for the Kawahara TXS-1100 and Kawahara BMS-1100 automated post press systems. This marks the global rollout of a pilot agreement concluded for the North America region last year.

‘Heidelberg is systematically investing in the growth markets of packaging and label printing. The distribution agreement for Kawahara blanking systems adds a further key production step in the workflow to the company’s label printing portfolio,’ said Rainer Hundsdörfer, CEO of Heidelberg. ‘In this way, we are helping our customers further automate their processes and thus make them as efficient and cost effective as possible.’

As a result, Heidelberg now offers all the technology needed for a highly efficient workflow in industrial label production – from job creation, prepress, and plate imaging all the way through to printing, die cutting, and fully automatic blank stripping.

The Kawahara TXS-1100 and Kawahara BMS-1100 blanking stations are both high performance models. It takes less than 15 minutes to set up a job and tooling costs are minimal. The cycle of the TXS-1100, whereby a stack of 1,000 IML sheets can be quickly blanked and offloaded, takes between 1.5 and two minutes.

‘The new Kawahara TXS-1100 is a high performance system boasting enhanced components and an innovative feeder and unloading system. It is ideal for the in-mould label market and has proved an outstanding stripping and blanking solution for this label material, which is difficult to handle. The Kawahara BMS-1100 offers an excellent price-performance ratio for folding carton print shops that are looking to automate blanking,’ emphasised Markus Höfer, head of business development label at Heidelberg. The BMS-1100 can process up to 20 blank individual stacks of packages per minute and handles single cut and nested products equally well.

On April 25, 2022, Heidelberg and Gallus will be welcoming existing and potential customers to a ‘Label Day’ in the Print Media Centre at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site. One of the solutions on show will be a complete workflow for in-mould label production on a Speedmaster XL 106 press, a Speedmaster XL 106-D rotary die cutter, and a Kawahara TXS-1100 blanking station.


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