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Hollywood Monster boosts finishing capacity with Meevo sewing machine

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Hollywood Monster has said its purchase of a new Meevo MX Event with Silicone Edge Automated Stitching (SEAS) sewing machine has significantly enhanced its finishing capabilities and helped speed up production. 


Based in Birmingham, Hollywood Monster works with companies across the UK on a whole host of wide format printing and signage projects.


To ensure a high standard of work in each application it produces, the company is constantly on the lookout for ways to further enhance its impressive production set up. Hollywood Monster already boasts several high specification printers from EFI as well as cutting equipment from Zünd, but it recently opted to expand its finishing options with the new, high quality sewing machine.


After reviewing the market, Hollywood Monster settled on the Meevo SEAS machine after seeing it in action at Printing United Expo in the US in October last year. The company decided there and then to invest and took delivery of the device just a matter of weeks later, all with the support of Soyang Hardware, an approved UK provider of Meevo SEG Keder sewing machines.


‘We invested in this machine as we believe it will undoubtedly assist us in evolving our business,’ said Mat Jephcott, group operations director at Hollywood Monster. ‘It will allow us to look beyond our renowned delivery to the exhibition and hospitality industry and we will be able to expand our relationship within the retail industry as we are able to supply new and cost effective solutions.’


‘So far, it has positively impacted the business, with so many automated features,’ Mat said. ‘We have seen a significant increase in our capacity in the finishing department, allowing us to focus on other areas. We have been able to take on more fabric work than we have previously and turn graphics around for our customers much quicker than ever before. 


‘Meevo is a trusted brand in the industry and this particular machine ticked all the boxes matching the specification we were looking for. Customised to only stitch silicone, it gives the attention to detail our customers are used to receiving from us, giving a perfect finish.’


Pictured: Hollywood Monster CEO Simon McKenzie shaking hands on the deal for the machine.



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