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HP Latex solutions help JKN Digital battle through the pandemic

Wide Format Solutions

Large format print business JKN Digital has revealed that the reliability and efficiency of its four HP Latex machines enabled it to continue producing high quality printed work at fast turnaround speeds throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The Preston based company produces a diverse range of printed work including wallpapers, signage, canvases, internal and external displays and vehicle wraps, as well as a variety of point of sale work.

Printing such an array of applications is possible through JKN Digital's set up of four HP Latex machines, all of which have been provided by HP approved UK reseller Papergraphics. The company installed its HP Latex R2000 in March 2019 and its first two 570 devices in May of the same year. JKN Digital added a third 570 in May 2020 during the early days of the pandemic and the investment proved to be of significant importance for the company as it shifted its focus to concentrate on pandemic related work. ‘We bought the third HP Latex 570 to meet the huge demand we were getting for floor graphics,’ said Peter Nicholls, managing director of JKN Digital. ‘Lots of customers were asking us for floor graphics in May and June last year to promote social distancing and one-way systems. ‘The efficiency and reliability of the 570 printer very much helped us battle through the pandemic and ensured we could continue to produce superb quality printed work at what was a phenomenally busy time for us. It can't be emphasised enough how much the reliability of HP technology has helped us.’

The technology also means companies can eliminate the 24 hour wait for outgassing required by other print technologies, which is a major benefit when graphics are required at short notice and to tight deadlines. Peter said that this emphasis on efficiency and reliability is also true of its Latex R2000, highlighting how the versatility of the printer – and its white ink feature in particular – has enabled the company to take on a wide range of exciting and profitable work. ‘The R2000 is so versatile; the quality of output we produce on the machine is extremely high and definitely helps to keep our customers happy,’ said Peter. ‘The white ink feature has been extremely useful for us in terms of increasing work with our existing customers, as well as finding new markets and clients. It gives us the capability to print white on both rigid and roll materials.

‘Aside from producing more window graphics work, the white ink feature has allowed us to move into printing more work on timber, which is something we couldn't do before. It does a much better job than other machines like UV printers, which can print on timber but lay down thick ink, meaning the natural grain doesn't show through as it does with the R2000.’

‘The HP printers allow us to offer a quick turnaround on jobs, but without sacrificing the quality of the output,’ continued Peter. ‘Lots of companies will offer quick turnaround but run printers at fast speed with lower quality. However, the efficiency of HP's Latex technology means we can do both.

‘During the early days of the pandemic, I was back to running the machines myself with just two other colleagues in the factory. The printers’ versatility and ease of use were key to the continued success of our business.’


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