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hubergroup Print Solutions announces price increase

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As the costs of raw materials, transport, labour, and energy continue to rise, hubergroup Print Solutions has announced a price increase for all global regions. The price increase applies to all segments, ie to sheetfed/UV and web offset as well as flexo and gravure products and will vary by product.

Local contacts will inform customers about the concrete effects and be available for questions at any time. The ink manufacturer emphasises that it is working hard to minimise price increases for customers by using its global supply network, examining other sourcing methods, and utilising alternative raw materials. Nevertheless, a price increase is unavoidable.

Heiner Klokkers, CEO of hubergroup, stated: ‘The situation on the raw material market is not easing, but instead continues to worsen. The printing ink industry is severely affected by the increased costs for transport and raw materials such as pigments, resins or solvents. To ensure that we can continue to supply our customers with high-quality products in the future, it is unfortunately unavoidable that we reflect the increased procurement costs in the prices of our products.’


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