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Huhtamaki and Milliken partner to design for circularity

Packaging Solutions

Milliken & Company, a trusted expert in plastics additive and colorant technology, is partnering with Finnish flexible packaging giant Huhtamaki Group to develop a more sustainable, mono-material laminate for use in tubes targeting cosmetics, toothpaste and other personal care applications.

With the market’s keen focus on recycling and circularity, it is more vital than ever to find technologies that can eliminate the typical metalised (usually aluminum) layers while maintaining the necessary barrier properties, especially against water vapor and oxygen transmission needed in personal care applications.

By improving the barrier properties of HDPE film by up to 50%, UltraGuard Solutions contribute to sustainability by enabling more mono-material construction of popular products such as stand up flexible pouches and tubes and making them ultimately more recyclable. These improved barrier properties also allow for downgauging of the polyethylene (PE) film, resulting in a lighter weight end product and a reduction in the amount of resin needed to achieve the desired result.


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