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JDP purchases the UK’s first new generation XL75 18k

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Living up to its philosophy of ‘In Touch with Technology’, JDP, a part of the Venn Holdings Group has purchased a Speedmaster XL75-4 colour plus coater press from Heidelberg UK. The highest specified XL75 so far ordered in the UK, the unit has full Push to Stop technology, allowing JDP to achieve one minute makereadies for its rapidly growing business.

In under four months, the business’s current XL75-5 colour with Axis Control has seen an increase of over 600% on its throughput from when the business was purchased by Anthony Thirlby and Andy Rae (owners of Venn Holdings).

‘We are experiencing rapid growth and to ensure we retain our strategy of maintaining the lowest operating cost per sheet, we have made this investment. It allows a comparable 30% increase in capacity for every hour operated. I have always believed that if the product portfolio is as planned, then we can easily achieve the same throughput as any comparable B1 platform. This investment allows JDP to continue its drive into being one of the leading companies in its sector,’ explained Anthony Thirlby.

Utilising its own in-house ‘Ventura’ software operating system, the business’s philosophy of ensuring seamless job transition will see the XL75 being fully deployed in high performance mode from day one at JDP.

Matt Rockley, product executive sheetfed and digital at Heidelberg UK, said: ‘We are so proud that Venn Holdings has chosen the XL75-4+LX (18000 sheet per hour) with Inpress control, Autoplate XL and the Intelliline options. This will be a superb fit for the company’s strong growth requirement, all of which will be driven professionally by the team at Venn. The XL 75 certainly will be the ‘Speedmaster’ operated by the masters of speed!’

‘We are delighted that JDP chose Heidelberg and invested in the new generation Speedmaster XL75-4+LX. The XL75 offers maximum flexibility thanks to extensive configuration options for the most demanding requirements in printing. We are certain that the new investment will help JDP to achieve significant growth and reach new heights of productivity,’ said Ryan Miles, managing director at Heidelberg UK.

‘This investment reinforces our desire to deploy and utilise only the highest net output devices for our developing business, which has seen an increase in sales of 195% since March,’ explained Andy Rae, managing director at Venn Holdings.

With a historically strong relationship, Heidelberg UK and Venn Holdings are very excited to deepen the partnership with this investment, continuing to push the capability boundaries through this and future investments.


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