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Join Plastic Bank in shaping a regenerative future at London Packaging Week

Packaging Solutions

Plastic Bank, a social enterprise that stops ocean plastic and empowers collection communities to transcend poverty, will participate in London Packaging Week from September 21 to 22, 2023, at ExCeL London.

Plastic Bank founder and chairman David Katz will speak twice at the Food & Consumer Pack’s stage, offering industry insights and advice for businesses and consumers to participate in building a regenerative future.

On September 21, David will join the ‘The Big Question: What is the Goal?’ panel at 2:15 pm. The discussion will explore how businesses and individuals can contribute to a circular economy, focusing on the interconnected roles each of us plays in achieving broader sustainability goals.

On September 22, David will take the stage again to deliver a keynote address at 11:30 am. The address will challenge the audience to reimagine discarded plastic not as waste but as a transformative resource capable of impacting lives. Katz will also discuss how businesses can drive change by balancing profit with social and environmental impact.

‘We have had it all wrong. We have been viewing plastic as a disposable material, a waste that plagues our ocean, planet, and communities. But plastic is not the problem, it is us. It has nothing to do with the material and everything to do with how we treat it,’ said David.

‘It is time to embrace a paradigm shift and view discarded plastic for what it truly is – a resource that can foster innovation in various industries while creating environmental and social impact in coastal communities.’

Plastic Bank’s Social Recycling movement has prevented over 95 million kilograms of plastic from entering the ocean – the equivalent of 4.7 billion plastic bottles – and helped more than 38,000 collection members transcend poverty by exchanging plastic as currency for additional income and life improving benefits.

Learn more at Plastic Bank’s stand at A32 ­– hall S 14.


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