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Mondi increases FunctionalBarrier Paper capacity to meet growing customer demand

Packaging Solutions

Mondi is investing in innovative technologies to increase FunctionalBarrier Paper capacity in order to meet the growing demand for sustainable paper based packaging solutions.

The company’s range of FunctionalBarrier Paper offers tailored barrier properties that reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging, supporting the development of a circular economy. The range is being supported with an investment in a new extruder at Mondi Coating Štĕtí (Czech Republic). This will comprise the construction of a production building which will house innovative machinery such as an extrusion coater and a slitting machine. Production is expected to start in 2024.

In addition, investment is currently underway at Mondi Jülich (Germany) with the rebuild of an existing coater. Two new dispersion coating stations will improve barrier properties by ensuring good coverage on the base paper. The construction of a new coating kitchen is also part of the rebuild and will enable the pre-coating of base paper and expand the offering to include more paper grades, especially containing recycled content. These investments underpin the advantage of Mondi's integrated value chain, from responsible sourcing, to production, coating and packaging converting into the final product. The company will also be investing in, and optimising, its Örebro (Sweden) production facility, to further improve production of its FunctionalBarrier Paper range, as well as create additional employment.

As a replacement for plastic films and laminates, the FunctionalBarrier Paper range offers fibre based packaging alternatives that are particularly suitable for fast moving consumer goods and can be recycled in existing paper waste streams across Europe. With varying barrier levels, the range is tailor made for industrial and e-commerce applications as well as personal care, frozen food and chocolate packaging.

Marko Schuster, COO functional paper and films, commented: ‘We are seeing a strong drive in the end markets to reduce the use of plastic and move towards more sustainable paper based packaging solutions. Our FunctionalBarrier Paper range reflects Mondi’s commitment to this and promotes a circular economy, in line with our MAP2030 goals. We are excited to expand the portfolio and enable our customers to make a smooth transition to more sustainable packaging solutions to meet the growing needs of their consumers.’


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