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Naturediet improves efficiency and lowers costs with quick assembly packaging

Packaging Solutions

Naturediet is known for its consistently high standard of premium dog products. Emily Williams, brand director, approached Saxon Packaging looking for help to create a multipurpose packaging solution that could solve the problem many businesses today face.

The requirement was to create a solution that can help shorten the time taken during the packing and filling process and, as a result, improve labour cost efficiency. The multipurpose design also needed to accommodate four variations of a new range of dog treats.

When it came to the structural considerations for Naturediet’s packaging, efficiency and practicality needed to be at the forefront. Secondly, the artwork of the outer packaging was to appeal to both the e-commerce market and provide an eye catching design most effective when on display throughout the retail industry.

To cover all the key aspects of the brief, Saxon suggested using a variant of an 0711 FEFCO packaging style box, plus an added locking tab in sustainable E flute material.

Once complete, Naturediet was delighted with the print. It was relayed back to Saxon Packaging that the third party Naturediet used for packing was also very pleased with the packaging improvements.

Sustainability is a key part of both Saxon Packaging and Naturediet’s company ethos. As well as making super nutritious, sustainable dog food, Naturediet is also determined to lower its carbon footprint and help the environment.

Similarly, the packaging specialist is fully determined to lead the way to take the top spot as part of the industry’s most sustainable packaging company. At Saxon Packaging and parent company Smurfit Kappa, raw materials are sustainably sourced. What is more, through the Better Planet Packaging Initiative, the group aims to minimise the effect on the environment by delivering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for our customers.

In 2018, Naturediet became the first British dog food manufacturer to produce wet food in recyclable cartons and provide an alternative to cans, plastic trays, pouches, and single use packaging.

There are countless benefits of quick assembly packaging. Packing products for shipping is, without doubt, one of the most time consuming, costly and labour intensive aspects of any production line.

Ready to pack in one movement, the quick assembly packaging can help lower time consumption dramatically and as such help to improve labour costs. It can also boost staff morale, use minimal space and is extremely resilient, offering increased protection for even the most delicate of goods.


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