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Neon in UV printing

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Following the recent launch of neon inks for UV printing, swissQprint is now highlighting the scope that these fluorescent colours open up. With just two inks, four striking colour variants are possible – yellow, pink, green and orange – as well as countless applications.

Neon inks for UV printing are the latest craze in the swissQprint ink portfolio. The colours available are Neon Pink and Neon Yellow. They glow in daylight and are fluorescent in black light. And yet more colour variants are possible in the mix: Neon Green and Neon Orange. No matter what the message is, people are bound to notice it.

swissQprint describes the application areas as follows: ‘Neon is ideal for event, exhibition, art and theme worlds, and it is the key to truly dazzling promotions’. The range of potential indoor applications includes posters, ceiling hangers and point of sale displays, information and guidance systems, trade fair and event concepts including wristbands, safety notices or campaign signage, and more besides.

Neon inks are available for all swissQprint flatbed and roll to roll printer models with UV-LED curing. They can be retrofitted at any time, especially as swissQprint systems have nine freely configu


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