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New Cloudflow Maker workflow software for additive manufacturing applications

Industrial Solutions

Hybrid Software is launching Cloudflow Maker, an enterprise workflow solution for industrial scale binder and material jetting. The new solution was developed specifically for these additive manufacturing (AM) technologies and provides printer producers and users with an exceptional tool to prepare and execute their prints.

Cloudflow Maker is truly industrial – which is what the AM sector is craving right now. Built on OPC-UA standards, the solution ensures interaction with all connected devices and machines. And, as the software is fully API based, it offers smooth connections with all other systems – acknowledging the reality that one solution for everything is non existent.

Yet real world connectivity isn’t the only reason to consider talking to Hybrid Software, according to Kris Binon, AM business unit development manager. ‘Having decades of experience in jetting the right drop on the right spot is just one thing; industrial printing software is about the ability to provide fast, secure and modular solutions, as well as customer oriented support, maintenance and upgrades,’ Kris said.

To raise the bar from a technical perspective, the company can rely on two other sources. First, parent organisation Hybrid Software Group boasts the world’s major provider of printhead electronics for binder jetting: Meteor Inkjet. Combining the hardware with Hybrid’s own software guarantees a direct, secure data stream from CAD up to printhead. Meteor’s expertise on drop formation, binder delivery systems, waveforms, and more, is unique in the 3D print industry, and Cloudflow Maker complements the existing offerings from Meteor Inkjet and its partners. Second, Hybrid Software’s experienced engineering team has more than 12 years of successful product development for industrial printing applications like labels and packaging to bring to bear for Cloudflow Maker.

Mike Rottenborn, CEO of Hybrid Software Group, said: ‘The 3D printing industry is at a crossroads: as printer producers and users turn towards industrialisation, they need software to optimise and streamline their workflows for high volume production. To achieve this, Hybrid is leveraging our expertise in enterprise workflow for printing to develop value adding functionalities for binder and material jetting.’


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