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New hot melt barrier film for fridge and freezer label applications

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Innovia Films is launching a newly developed two side coated cavitated film for pressure sensitive labelling applications which is marketed as Rayoface AQBHA. The polypropylene (PP) film offers outstanding printability with a backside coating specifically designed for hot melt pressure sensitive label coating. 


The film is 58 microns thick, has a printable top coating, and an adhesive receptive coated surface on the reverse side that provides anti curl and migration properties with hot melt adhesives. 


AQBHA has very good moisture resistance and cold temperature performance, making this the perfect material for fridge and freezer applications.


The product has been through extensive hot melt barrier testing and the film remains flat through the whole duration of the test, delivering the perfect solution to mitigate any facestock material issues with hot melt coating for pressure sensitive labels.




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