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New Light Line Invisible: Perfect interplay of colours and visual effects

Label Solutions

Leonhard Kurz has introduced Light Line Invisible, a coloured, transparent diffractive design that creates ‘wow’ effects in the label industry. It takes the appearance of transparent substrates in particular, to a whole new level and enables a perfect interplay of colours.

Light Line Invisible creates a holographic effect that is combined with a translucent colour layer. Due to the highly transparent colours, the diffractive structure is accentuated in a special way and can optimally showcase its fascinating play of light in the reflections. The designs can be overprinted in line via cold transfer and used both partially and over full surfaces to give the finished product a special shine. ‘Light Line Invisible represents the innovative further development of the existing Kurz range and transforms transparent labels into breathtaking, dazzling eyecatchers,’ said Sabrina Durastante, product manager.

As a real innovation, some of the designs were combined with the exclusive Kurz trend colours. These are identified each year by the thin film specialist’s interdisciplinary design team following extensive research, and reflect current social trends. The combination of the semi-transparent colour and the respective Light Line design creates impressive, novel effects. Customers can, however, not only choose from the existing colour and effect combinations, but also opt for individual colour matching on request.

The new product line will initially be available as an extension of the KPO series with cold transfer. As these are common applications in flexo printing, the new product line can be integrated into existing systems without any complex conversions.


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