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New version of Prismaproduction and Prismasimulate Ultra launched

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Canon UK and Ireland is introducing version 6 of its integrated, high performance workflow and production management platform, Prismaproduction, and launching Prismasimulate Ultra, which includes digital layout proofing, ink estimation and production simulation features for graphic arts and business communication applications.

Building on 25 years experience and customer feedback, Prismaproduction has been further developed to automate and integrate data input and conversion, pre-press and production management, in a single platform to help customers achieve the highest levels of workflow efficiency.

Numerous enhancements have been made to the tool, including improved pre-press capabilities, giving customers more flexibility to handle a variety of print file formats including PDF, AFP, line data, PCL, Postscript, PPML, LCDS, RDO and VIPP files.

As print jobs continue to become increasingly more complex due to variable data for personalisation and runs of one, print file sizes are also growing. The capabilities of the new software version include tools for better data optimisation to run Prismaproduction supported web fed and sheetfed inkjet and toner presses at full speed, even for extremely large PDF files such as commercial photo applications. This not only maximises the throughput of the workflow, but also ensures that even the fastest of printers achieve the highest level of productivity.

Version 6 of Prismaproduction runs on SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) supporting even higher security standards than its predecessor. With improved separation between the application software and the operating system and enhancements to user management, these security features ensure print businesses can keep customer data safe and better comply with their own and industrywide security standards.

Prismasimulate Ultra provides an easy to integrate, on-premises application that supports users in ink estimation, proofing and workflow simulation, enabling them to increase predictability and reduce makeready times.

It is the successor to the popular TrueProof and consists of two independent optional modules when purchased with Prismasimulate Ultra Server:

The Universal PDF Estimator gives customers detailed ink consumption for Canon’s web fed inkjet presses, enabling quicker and more accurate quotations to be produced for print buyers, without having to print the file first, saving both time and resources. It supports the comparison of pre and post calculations against actual ink and media consumption, and the production of valuable management data for further optimisation of quotations and ink related settings. Print operators can also easily create reports with detailed estimates of the ink and media consumption based on engine specific data. The intuitive reports can be automatically or manually exported as PDF or CSV files to allow further processing in other management applications.

In combination with Prismaproduction, the Printer Simulation Packages offer layout proofing and production simulation for web fed inkjet and selected toner presses to ensure first time ready output by checking the layout, registration and printability of each file before printing. This is useful for print companies when growing their applications’ portfolio as they can avoid trial and error, which take up valuable printing time. Alongside seamlessly integrating printer simulation into the customer production workflow with Prismaproduction, the software can help to save resources, cost and waste.

Duncan Smith, production direct sales director, Canon UK and Ireland, said: ‘Print businesses are under pressure to respond faster and more efficiently, while having the flexibility to meet customer demands. At the same time, they face challenges such as a shortage of skilled labour, a demand for shorter run lengths and an increase in resource costs. As many research houses highlight, automation and end to end workflows will be key investment areas for print businesses in the coming years in order to meet these challenges by enhancing process optimisation and increasing productivity.’


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