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Packaging of the future now on display in London

Packaging Solutions

The winners of the 2022 Pro Carton European Carton Excellence Award (ECEA) are now on display at the Museum of Brands, London, showcasing the versatility of cartonboard and how it can be used to create sustainable and attractive packaging designs.

The showcase returns to London’s heart of consumer culture, for the fourth consecutive year. It features 19 award winning designs, which highlights smart, functional and sustainable packaging solutions in ever increasing number of product categories.

The 2022 winners were presented with their awards on 16 September 2022 during the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA) Congress in Krakow, Poland. Rutgers Printing & Packaging Solutions won the prestigious Carton of the Year Award for its cleverly designed Cherry Tomatoes Pack. Other designs currently on display include the category winners for the Sustainability, Innovation and Public awards.

Also on display is Public Award winner Ducaju, with its innovative spherical hanging advent calendar for French chocolate brand La Maison du Chocolat. Whilst Sustainability Award winner Van Genechten Packaging’s Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner bundle demonstrates how packaging can balance product information and keep products safe during transportation, providing an eco friendly alternative for a well-known personal care brand.

And, for the first time, Pro Carton will be participating in The Museum of Brands’ 2023 Talks Programme, where marketing and communications director Winfried Muehling will deliver a live, interactive session on ‘Sustainable Innovation in Packaging’. The talk – taking place on 28 March 2023 – will cover the latest trends and insights relating to the entire packaging industry as it continues to promote a circular economy.

Natasha Facey, museum duty manager and officer at the Museum of Brands, commented: ‘Once again, it is a pleasure to house the most recent winners of the Pro Carton European Carton Excellence Awards. It is fascinating to see how sustainable packaging plays such an important role in a brand’s image. Over time, we are seeing an increasingly number of brands demonstrate their commitment to reducing their environmental impact, and these winners are a reminder that brands do not need to compromise on their image to achieve sustainable outcomes.

‘We are very excited to welcome Winfried on stage for our 2023 Talks Programme to deliver incredible learning experiences for attendees, be it students, brand owners, directors and CEOs who will no doubt leave feeling inspired and educated on how we can create a more sustainable world through our packaging choices.’

Winfried Muehling commented, ‘To showcase the flexibility and versatility of cartonboard packaging alongside a legacy of global brands is an honour. At Pro Carton, we are dedicated to highlighting how renewable and sustainable packaging materials, like cartonboard, offer brands clear advantages – from standing out with superior print and design on a the retail shelf to reducing their impact on our planet end of life with high recycling rates. I am looking forward to continuing the conversation about the future of sustainable packaging innovation at the Museum of Brands in March.’

The Museum of Brands displays over 200 years of consumer culture, from the evolution of internationally renowned brands to famous advertising campaigns. Over 12,000 exhibits are on display showing culture and lifestyle from the Victorian era to the present day.

For more information on the Museum of Brands and its 2023 Talks Programme, visit


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