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Packaids upgrades its post press department with Easymatrix 106 CS

Finishing Solutions

Packaids has invested in a new Easymatrix 106 CS (cutting and stripping) die cutter.

The company, believes that this new investment can help it meet the requirements of its clientele, expand to new markets, enhance the quality of products and improve productivity. Post press is precisely the area where the final touches are given to the products and they can be individually finished to create something unique.

‘The decision to invest in a new Heidelberg MK Easymatrix was an easy one for Packaids. We had faced increases in the volume of packaging work over the past two years, and this had highlighted a bottleneck in the die cutting department of the company. It was screaming out for a B1 flatbed machine to keep up with demand!’ said Steve Hutton, director at Packaids.

He also added, ‘Not only is the new machine four times faster than the incumbent, but it will also cut a sheet twice the size and remove all of the apertures in the same pass. Just a couple of weeks after installation, we have found the knock on benefits in the factory abundantly apparent! Clients, too, enjoy faster, more consistent service while still allowing the company to stay competitive.’

Packaids is a specialist in the application of various adhesives and coatings onto printed sheets and with extensive die cutting and ancillary equipment, it can offer the best solution to customers’ substrate bonding requirements. From trapped blister cards to substrate sheet bonding, pill packs to folders, pockets, wage slips, post pack adhesion, to CD/DVD packs, stamps, peel and reveal promotional items and so on, the company provides a variety of products.

The Easymatrix 106 CS will help to convert a huge range of materials into cartons, enabling packaging and commercial applications. The machine has a maximum cutting speed of 7700 sheets per hour, processing materials from as thin as 90 g/m2 to board up to 2000 g/m2 and in formats up to a maximum size of 750 x 1060 mm. The Easymatrix 106 CS is a die cutter with cutting and stripping station.


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