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Parkside gives ‘Hope’ to a local charity

Packaging Solutions

Yorkshire based sustainable packaging solutions provider, Parkside Flexibles has boosted its support to local charity Trinity Mission, Hope Centre by donating £500 to aid its mission to provide vulnerable people with shelter, food, and clean clothes.

Global sales director at Parkside, Paula Birch, commented: ‘In the current economic climate, places like The Hope Centre are an unfortunate necessity and one we are proud to support. Every day the news gets scarier about the cost of living crisis, and people are seeking out places like this to bring back some form of hope into their lives.’

Based out of the Trinity Methodist Church, the charity is open three days per week to provide locals with tea, coffee, hot meals, food parcels, clean clothes and a safe place to talk about their worries.

Stephanie Salvador, services manager at The Hope Centre, commented: ‘The Hope Centre is essentially just that, a place where anyone struggling can find help and support and drive out hopelessness.

‘Beyond the practical, we offer a welcoming and non judgmental environment at the Hope Centre where many of our guests feel at home. Over time, our volunteers, especially Mark Stainburn our senior support coordinator, build a rapport and trust with our guests that helps support and connect with those in need. Many of our guests are isolated or marginalised, so what we do helps bridge this gap within our community.

‘We rely heavily on donations to help keep us going. Local supermarkets and businesses such as Parkside donate to us regularly, and these donations make a massive difference to the amount and the quality of food we can offer to our guests.’


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