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Parkside reveals oven fresh collaboration with Cutter & Squidge

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Parkside has revealed a new collaboration with London based baked goods business, Cutter & Squidge. The announcement comes as the business has expanded its compostable packaging applications into the baked goods and snacks sector.

The new compostable pack, created by Parkside for Cutter & Squidge's range of baked treats, will replace the brand's previously non recyclable plastic packaging for cakes, cookies and brownies. Incorporating improved oxygen barrier performance for superior product protection, the packaging will also enhance the shelf life of the baked goods and in doing so, play its part in reducing food waste.

Head of operations at Cutter & Squidge, Cristian Olivera, said: ‘Our customers are increasingly looking to make more sustainable purchases, and with so much experience in developing future ready flexible packaging, Parkside was the obvious choice for us to partner with. Cutter & Squidge has a hard earned reputation for exceptional quality in everything we do – and our customers expect nothing less. So, it is important that our packaging choices live up to this.

‘One of the challenges of this project was to enhance the sustainability of the packaging while maintaining optimal freshness of our baked products, which has not always been a simple task. We were initially concerned the compostable packaging wouldn't possess the same barrier quality as our previous packaging, but Parkside walked us through the solution's enhanced capabilities and put our minds at ease.’

After successful trials, Cutter & Squidge can now provide its customers with premium treats packaged in an equally impressive sustainable pack. The design is made from a duplex compostable laminate manufactured by Futamura and is suitable for multiple food packaging applications.

Meeting growing demands for ‘sustainability made simple’, the pack is designed to break down within 26 weeks in a home composting environment, gaining full accreditation from TUV (formerly Vincotte). The packs are also tested for eco toxicity and various other criteria against EN 13432, the European standard that lays out the requirements for packaging that is recoverable through composting or biodegradation.

Business unit manager for Parkside, Staci Bye, added: ‘More than ever, consumers are getting to grips with what it means for a brand to be ‘sustainable’. We are truly seeing it shift from a marketing buzzword to a true global movement, and the time is now for brands to put green principles front and centre. Premium baked treats and snacks are a growing market and in turn, this accelerates the drive for packaging sustainability.

‘We were delighted to collaborate with Cutter & Squidge on this project. A strong, consumer focused brand, the business has turned its attention to making sure its packaging feels just as sweet as the delicious treats inside! Our sustainable packaging portfolio fits intrinsically with these goals, resulting in a fantastic partnership and another great win for the sustainable packaging agenda!’


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