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PitStop PDF validation software living life in the FastLane after 2023 update

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PitStop is set to see its performance further boosted after developer Enfocus announced the release of its 2023 update for the platform.

The new update, that will be rolled out early May, will turbocharge PDF validation with the addition of FastLane, a command-line tool in PitStop Server that scans a PDF file to supply basic file information – such as page count, fonts, document properties and many more – when it first enters the workflow. This makes onboarding new projects more intuitive and – most importantly for today’s print industry – much quicker, as it can instantly detect whether further pre-press attention is necessary.

‘Today’s print industry has a need for speed,’ said Loïc Aigon, PitStop product manager. ‘That is true at every step of the supply chain, and especially at the pre-press stage. Time really is money here – by the time your customer has sent a file through and you have pulled all the info you need from it to provide an accurate quote, a competitor could have got there first and secured the job. FastLane makes onboarding instant – as soon as you have the file, you have all the info you need to proceed with the job, and you know whether a full PitStop preflight is even necessary.’

‘PitStop has always been about taking all those menial, time consuming tasks and powering through them for you, so you can get print files validated and moved along to the press in a matter of seconds,’ Loïc continued. ‘So, in addition to FastLane, we have also turbocharged PitStop’s core functionality with some neat code optimisations. When the update goes live, users will be able to generate reports much faster than before, and the PitStop Navigator UI will be snappier, providing an all-around more efficient user experience.’

Alongside a whole host of bug fixes and optimisations, PitStop 2023 also brings with it JSON reports, making preflight reports faster to process and easier for humans to interpret. It also enables easy integration of preflight reports into automated workflows to streamline the validation process even further.

‘This will be PitStop’s fastest and most powerful update yet,’ added Loïc. ‘Once you have experienced life in the FastLane, you won’t want to go back!’

New users can experience the benefits of the new update when it goes live early May by signing up for a 30 day free trial today at


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