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Premier supports Covid charity book

Paper Solutions

Premier Paper has supplied the material for the production of a compelling new book aimed at sharing people’s Covid-19 stories and raising money for charity in the wake of the pandemic.

Covid-19 has impacted all of us throughout 2020 and sadly, for many of us, continues to do so even now. The book, ‘19 and 20 and Me’, a record of love, loss and lockdown combines the very real personal accounts of over 60 people. Each story is captivating – you will laugh, you will cry and you will be humbled; as many of these personal stories will resonate with readers who pick up a copy of this amazing, heartfelt book.

The idea for ‘19 and 20 and Me’ came from a project that was thought of and put together by Yassamin Amir-Ahmadi, a pilates, garuda and foundation training instructor based in Dorset. At the start of the pandemic, Yassamin set up regular group chats online for all of the classes that she taught and continues to make weekly videos and teach classes over Zoom, building stronger bonds with her clients and students.

The book not only provides an outlet for people to share their Covid-19 experiences, it also supports some great causes, with all proceeds from the sale of ‘19 and 20 and Me’ donated to organisations such as Mind, a charity that fights for and supports mental health and Shelter, a charity aimed at offering advice to desperate households and tackling homelessness. The Trussell Trust, which provides emergency food and support, is another charity set to benefit from the sales of this book as well as Arts for Life Project, which is a charity aimed at supporting and championing young people and their families’ wellbeing through creative arts.

It is undeniable that Covid-19 has affected people throughout the world, in all walks of life, as Yassamin recounts in her foreword, ‘Covid has robbed us of a year or more of ‘normal’ life. It has robbed us of the rituals and ceremonies we rely on to bind us as a society. It has not robbed us of our resourcefulness and determination and this book is a testament to that human spirit and endurance’.

The print and production of ‘19 and 20 and Me’ was sponsored by Canon and Henry Ling Limited. Premier donated the paper requirements for the book, supplying G Print Smooth 130 g/m2 for the text and UPM Digi Finesse Silk 150 g/m2 for the covers.

‘When Helen at Henry Ling approached me about the project I was instantly sold,’ said Ben Woolf at Premier Paper. ‘Covid has without exception touched everyone in one way or another. The prospect of supporting a valued customer while helping to create a lasting mark, something positive to acknowledge people’s experiences and on top, raise funds for a suite of charities was too good an opportunity to turn down.’

‘Furthermore, to create a book seemed the most fitting medium, given the number of people who rediscovered a love of reading through lock down,’ added Ben.

The CO₂ emissions from the paper used in the production of ‘19 and 20 and Me’, have been mitigated through the Carbon Capture programme, directly supporting the work of the Woodland Trust and creating new woodland here in the UK for all to enjoy.

There are 1000 copies of this incredible book available and with Christmas just around the corner they will make the perfect gift, in more ways than one. To order copy of ‘19 and 20 and Me’, a record of love, loss and lockdown visit


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