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Pro Carton shines spotlight on female leaders in packaging

Packaging Solutions

Pro Carton, the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers, has released a short series of interviews in celebration of yesterday’s International Women’s Day 2022 (March 8, 2022).

The interviews, conducted with three prominent female figures in the cartonboard industry – packaging designer and lecturer, Susanne Lippitsch, head of creative at Alexir Packaging Claire Summersby, and newly appointed team lead marketing communication, MM Group, Alexandra Moser – all focus on the importance of celebrating women in the traditionally male dominated industry, while offering suggestions on how the industry could attract more female representation.

As an award winning packaging designer and lecturer, Susanne Lippitsch speaks about her path into the industry, and early recognition in the Pro Carton European Carton Excellence Awards which she later joined as a jury member. She talks about the role of packaging and why she loves working in the industry, saying: ‘Packaging is not only indispensable wrapping for products, it protects and sells products. Packaging tells stories, makes people’s lives easier and makes them smile in the best case. Each of my packaging developments has let me dive into new worlds and I always learn new things – it is the variety I love.’

Fellow packaging and design professional, Claire Summersby of Alexir Packaging, also speaks of her love for the industry and the opportunities it presents. She said, ‘For me, it’s the creativity that is involved. We have construction designers, graphic designers, marketing, new product development – every day is different. All of our customers are different and different projects are coming in. And, as we are at the beginning of the design process, that for me is the really interesting bit. It is where you can become very creative.

‘On a higher level, we are in an industry which is helping the environment. We are working with a material that is sustainable and contributes to the circularity of the environment. We’re in the thick of everything here. Brand owners want to switch from plastic to board, and we can help them.’

New to the packaging industry, Alexandra Moser of MM Group speaks about the virtues of the sector and in particular, sustainability. She said, ‘Here at MM Group, sustainability is not just an icon on the website or used for greenwashing, it is a core competence. Cartonboard is at the heart of the circular economy because waste is used as a resource combined with new fibres from renewable, sustainably managed forests to continue the loop. We have an impact. I am one of 12,000 employees at MM Group and our products are used by millions of consumers all over the world.’

She went on to explore the opportunities for women and young people in the packaging industry, highlighting how women have a certain responsibility to act as role models, to share their impressions at work and be mentors and coaches for the younger generation.

Katie Ryan, marketing at Pro Carton, commented: ‘It is fantastic to see so many people in the packaging industry celebrating the amazing female talent we have in the sector today. Watching these wonderful interviews, created in celebration of International Women’s Day, makes me feel incredibly proud of how far this industry has come with regards to diversity and inclusivity. I am very excited for the future ahead.’

To watch the interviews with Susanne, Claire and Alexandra, visit the Pro Carton website:


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