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Pureprint Group announces the acquisition of Smudge

Print Solutions

The Pureprint Group has announced the acquisition of Smudge, a photographic and e-commerce studio to add to the group’s service offering.

Established in 1926, Pureprint Group is recognised for its high quality print and commitment towards the environment. Over the past two decades the group has diversified into a marketing services business, offering its clients a blend of outputs that include print, data management and marketing technologies.

Smudge provides e-commerce photography services for fashion, lifestyle and FMCG brands. Its reactive format enables it to quickly produce assets from the studio or on location. From mannequin to model and still life to accessories, Smudge has the experience and ability to create high quality assets for brands at speed.

Pureprint Group CEO Mark Handford commented, ‘As our clients’ needs have changed, we continue to align our investments to ensure we always deliver against their requirements. The acquisition of Smudge is another step in our evolving history that ensures we still stay relevant in today’s market.’

Pureprint Group has seen significant growth in the gifting and personalised markets with shopping habits continuing to grow online. A specialist e-commerce photographic offering was a natural step, complementing the group’s existing marketing services. It will enable the company to deliver end to end workflows, quicker speeds to market and higher levels of consistency.

‘We have a diverse and broad range of clients and growing markets who will benefit from the services that Smudge brings to the Group,’ added Mark. ‘By contributing to the creation of assets and managing the workflow through our marketing technology platforms, we can execute consistent campaigns across multiple channels.’


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