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Nottingham based Pyramid Press has announced the purchase of a new RMGT 1050 six colour offset litho press, complete with Smart Assist Printing, the automated printing system. The press is being purchased from MPL, the UK distributor for RMGT presses.

The new press will sit alongside an existing Mitsubishi V3000 and Heidelberg XL75 machines. Installation is expected to begin in November of this year.

Commenting on the selection process for the new machine, Paul McGuigan, director of Pyramid Press, said: ‘Having stayed open during the whole of the lockdown year, we had the opportunity to review our business plan, and focus on where we needed to be as a print company.

‘Having been more than a little delighted by the excellent overall performance of the Mitsubishi press – purchased as a used machine from MPL, two years ago – our deliberations centred on what presses, and what technology, we will need to have going forward.

‘We had only used Heidelberg presses in the past, so we were a little unsure of the Mitsubishi at the beginning, but MPL had assured us that this was the right machine for us – since then we have been quickly converted. The automatic plate change is amazing, and fast make ready gets the press up and running, and printing saleable sheets very quickly. The quality is very impressive, and the machine simply doesn’t break down. It has been very impressive.’

Pyramid prints highly colour critical work for luxury brands in the motoring sector, as well as fabric and interior design work for prestige clients – the printed colour simply has to be correct on that type of work. The company also prints work for the food sector, including convenience store promotional work, point of sale, as well as some packaging. Pyramid also produces regular work for rail industry and educational sectors.

‘We studied the mission critical areas of quality, speed, ease of use, supplier service and support, as well as total cost of ownership, along with environmental issues, and on balance the Mitsubishi/RMGT outscored the other presses in almost every category.

‘As part of our commitment to ISO 14001 and the environment, we examined the power consumption of the presses in particular. We were left in no doubt that the Mitsubishi was the more economical machine to run. In addition, we currently run the V3000 alcohol free, and plan to do the same with the new press, which also reduces our environmental impact.’

The RMGT 1050 LX 6 CC LD six colour B1 press has been ordered with chamber coater, long delivery, and the Smart Assist Printing package.

The new press order also includes Smart FPC simultaneous plate change, which provides for a full on/off plate change in just 75 seconds.

Smart Assist Printing, RMGT’s automated printing system, provides for preflight job programming, allowing multiple jobs to be queued for printing. It then delivers total inline control of colour and print quality with the PQS-D system examining every sheet, comparing it to the pass sheet, automatically making any tweaks that are required, while Auto-Register Adjustment controls sheet alignment. The system can insert a tab in the delivery to identify where any adjustment has taken place.

This all means that Pyramid will be able to take advantage of seamless make ready and can move from job to job, with no need for sample sheets. All pre-sets, blanket washes, roller washes, and pre-inking are managed by the ‘Make-Ready Wizard’.

Utilising Press Information Cloud (PIC) – a server based production and analysis system – press information is displayed on a large wall screen, as well as on a wi-fi enabled portable tablet for monitoring and adjusting the settings of the machine while tending to other tasks.

A two year full parts and labour guarantee is included in the circa £2 million investment.

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